Humor captures people’s attention and sets them at ease.

It is very helpful when trying to lighten up the mood of a serious conversation.

Most people find humor entertaining and fun; hence, it gradually becomes part of everyday conversation.

However, there is a major difference between positive humor and negative humor.

The latter involves rude attacks on people or their ideas, or focuses on areas of behavior that should not be discussed at the dinner table.

It usually humiliates other people due to discrimination according to profession, race, age, and gender.

Hence, this type of entertainment is morally wrong and can hurt the feelings of other.

The more appropriate sense of humor to use as entertainment during conversations is the good one,

This is which it is loaded with pure silliness and can offend nobody.

The primary purpose of such jokes is to break the ice that might be forming during serious talks and discussions, motivating other people to participate more with such activities.

Louis Siegfried, a successful businessman of computers, says, “I think if you have fun, then you do well.

We can’t tolerate people who aren’t enthusiastic.”

Siegfried is known as practicing positive attitude while he takes his business seriously.

He says, “Whether it’s meetings, memos, or policies, most business seems to operate on the premise that if you can possibly make something boring, make it extra boring.

We operate under the rule that the best way to get people to do their job well is to get them to want to do their job, and the best way to do that is to make sure there’s little fun in what we do.”



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Eliminate negativities
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Equip yourself with relevant ideas
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Be professional at all times
Learn to be enthusiastic
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