Charisma influences

To influence other people to do or just believe something you say, can be a difficult task to accomplish, especially if they don’t trust you.

Therefore, it is wise that you first get other people’s trust in you before they actually adhere to what you say.

And getting their trust is not so easy either.

“The true meaning of leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less,”
famous author John C. Maxwell states in his book Leadership 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know.

And as leaders of our lives, of a family of our own, and maybe of a company under our control, we certainly need influence, not just over ourselves, but over most people we will be meeting throughout our lives.

“If you don’t have influence, you will never be able to lead others.”
In developing such influence, charisma plays a big part. It can give your listeners more reasons to trust you – the fundamental of influence.



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Be presentable at all times
Maintain good personal hygiene
Learn and practice proper posture
Wear a proper scent
Eliminate body-odor
Stay healthy
Maintain proper hair care
Customize and accessorize
Discard the illusion of fatigue and exhaustion
Finally, bring out that confidence
Intellectual Influence
Always bring a punch line with you
Eliminate negativities
Go on a five-minute vacation once in a while
Always seek, never hide
Equip yourself with relevant ideas
Desire to win
Make healthy and sound decisions
Be professional at all times
Learn to be enthusiastic
Social Appeal
Don’t forget the simple gestures
Remember who’s who
Look back and sympathize
Hey, listen
Discuss, don’t argue
Make others feel special
Always be available
Don’t be jealous
Stay away from gossips
Take it easy with criticisms
Forgive and forget
Show appreciation
Be thankful
Spiritual Power
Summary and Conclusion