Encarta about Charisma

The Encarta Dictionary (2006) refers charismaas:

“the ability to inspire enthusiasm, interest, or affection in others by means of personal charm or influence."

Hence, it is more than just physical beauty.

Charisma includes the appropriate handling of one’s self, proper attitude, practicality, sociability, environmental consciousness, and spiritual awareness among others.

Therefore, enhancing charisma is like a total personality makeover – bringing out the person others can’t see in you.

Take note:

We do not want to learn how to acquire charisma, but how to enhance it, because each one of us already possesses personal charm within ourselves.

Some of us just haven’t developed it fully yet, still left hidden inside. Hence, what should be done is to actually unleash charisma from within, expose it to the outside world, and make use of it.

The power of charisma can do wonders. It can change you from an ordinary to an extraordinary person in no time!



The Power of Charisma
Understanding the Power of Charisma
Being extraordinary
Encarta about Charisma
How Charisma’s Spell Works
Charisma can get other people to notice you
Charisma can make you likeable
Charisma influences
Charisma can bring out the best in you
Charisma and Lifestyle
Essential Elements of Charisma Revealed
Developing That Charming Smile
Learning to Speak the Language of the Body
Building on that Positive Sense of Humor
Being Friendly and Sociable
Making You More Confident about Yourself
How Can You Be True to Yourself?
Enhancing Charisma
Physical Charm
Be presentable at all times
Maintain good personal hygiene
Learn and practice proper posture
Wear a proper scent
Eliminate body-odor
Stay healthy
Maintain proper hair care
Customize and accessorize
Discard the illusion of fatigue and exhaustion
Finally, bring out that confidence
Intellectual Influence
Always bring a punch line with you
Eliminate negativities
Go on a five-minute vacation once in a while
Always seek, never hide
Equip yourself with relevant ideas
Desire to win
Make healthy and sound decisions
Be professional at all times
Learn to be enthusiastic
Social Appeal
Don’t forget the simple gestures
Remember who’s who
Look back and sympathize
Hey, listen
Discuss, don’t argue
Make others feel special
Always be available
Don’t be jealous
Stay away from gossips
Take it easy with criticisms
Forgive and forget
Show appreciation
Be thankful
Spiritual Power
Summary and Conclusion