Contrary to what many people believe that it is only through our mouths and tongues that we can communicate with other people, our body can send even more messages than words can.

Research has shown that over half face-to-face conversations are nonverbal.

“Body language,” as it is called, often communicates our feelings and attitudes before we speak, using bodily gestures.

It helps to project our level of receptivity to others. Hence, if we like to be liked easily, then we have to watch out the nonverbal messages we send to other people.

Body gestures can signify both negative and positive expressions.

For example, frowning, crossed arms, and looking away can let other people realize that you are not interested at them at all.

On the other hand, constant smiling and waving can mean friendly gestures to them and may make them notice you right away.

Therefore, you have to know what possible messages other people can extract from your actions to avoid misunderstanding and eventually drawing away from one another.

More than that, if you aim only to display positive expressions, you ought to know what these body gestures are, so that you can catch other people’s attention in a positive manner.

To help you be aware and remember what these positive behaviors are, take N-O-T-E of it, as in Nod, Open arms, Touch, and Eye contact.

- Nod. A nod of the head indicates that you are listening and you understand what the speaker is saying. It usually signals your approval to the idea being talked about, encouraging him to continue talking.

Indirectly, it is saying, “I hear you, go on!” By not nodding or by just staring blankly, you may appear to be lost in the discussion.

- Open Arms. This gesture suggests that you are friendly and available for contact, thus the phrase “welcoming with open arms.” During a conversation, open arms make others feel that you are receptive and listening.

On the other hand, standing or sitting with arms crossed or very close to the body may mean being defensive and closed-minded. With the latter description, people may think twice on approaching you as you appear to be in deep thought, or just don’t want to be disturbed.

- Touch. This touch refers to the warm handshake done by two people meeting for the first time.

It implies that you are pleased to meet and know somebody personally. A warm and firm handshake is a safe way of showing an open and friendly attitude towards the people you meet.

Indirectly, it says, “Hello! It’s nice to meet you.” Sometimes, at the end of conversations, handshakes are also carried out.

This time, it may mean, “I’ve really enjoyed talking with you!” or “Let’s get together again soon!”

- Eye Contact. Do you believe that the strongest of the nonverbal gestures is sent through the eyes?

In fact, the way you look at one person may entail various meanings.

Direct eye contact during conversations, however, indicates that you are listening intently to the speaker and you are interested in what he is talking about.

Remember that eye contact should be done naturally and not forcefully, so that it won’t turn out to be awkward.

Body language does play a big role in communicating with other people.

 Even if gestures don’t directly convey a message, there will always be an idea the communicators might extract from them. This is the reason why body language is an essential element in developing charisma.

To get other people to notice and like you, you’d have to know how your body should properly speak to other people.



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